Monday, October 26, 2015

It ain't over until the Fat Boys ride: Introducing: FatCX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. until now the run-what-you-brung has rung in the lunchtime hour.

That was then, this is year seven. We're going big. 96.52mm big. (and you will NEVER spot the 'H'--- word here) The premier just-after-midday event is the FatCX Race.

Who will be on the podium? And will there be a snake?
Picture this: you're cracking a Heady Topper, plowing a few Dough Boy, while a herd of 3.8" rubber circle the course. Kinda like those mud monkeys/fudge dragons that don't make it down on the first flush and spin slowly around until you drop the lever one more time.

Don't be fooled - this is a race. 30 minutes, USCF marshals, podium, prizes, liability insurance- all the good stuff. One Day license eligible!

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