Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I gots to know...SpaCX Prizes!

Are you feeling lucky?

The question at hand is with what shall the individual on the top step of the Elite Podiums/Podia (sorry, too much Latin in grade school) be presented?
Will the Elite Winners receive:
a) Cash
b) Applause
c) Big kiss from Andrew
d) A 50 Magnum*
e) All of the above

Andrew and I seriously discuss the Elite's prizes
The answer, of course, is E) All of the above. (* provided proof of 21+)

The 50 (fluid oz) Magnum, the world's most desired size of beer bottle. The 44 Magnum is for sissy pants.
A man might have to know his limitations, but here a SpaCX we eschew these constraints and just keep on going. This year Schmaltz Brewing Co will be providing custom labeled Magnums/Magna of their tasty adult beverage to the Elite top spots. But we didn't stop there, Masters need not worry, there will be Bombers (I think) for them as well! Preview the top prize contents on Saturday Night at the brewery!

Unfortunately Tom Selleck declined our invitation to be the podium prize for the Masters women, no Magnum for you, just beer.

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