Monday, September 24, 2012

Ok-Go: Tilting at Treadmills

The Tosh.0 marathon
A Quioxitic approach to Cyclocross training.

Saratoga Springs may be the August place to be. And if you ask your typical Joey New Jersey walking down Broadway what’s on his mind. The answer for sure will be the trifecta box in the feature. Or the pick six. 

What he will not be speculating upon is how to most efficiently transition between the road cycling season and begin preparation for fall Cyclocross. Ask your Joe Cyclocross what on his mind in August. The answer: running.

When I actually listen to people talking to me, they tell me- “gotta dig out my running shoe and start jogging for ‘cross, ya know, get miles under the legs, and how many miles, and they are slow..." and then my attention span ran out so I forget what the rest of crap they told me. Why do admit to flaking out on my devoted fan-base? Because it doesn’t matter.

During my participation in CycleSmart, Adam Myerson’s Cyclocross clinic last year, the evening session was an in depth look at 'cross training. After a good lecture on cycling/power/life/cross, the discussion opened up to the audience. Now, I’m no stenographer, but I believe it went something like this:
Misty Cyclocross “What should my 10k run splits be for cross?"
Adam “To get faster on your bike, ride your bike more”
Dirk Cyclocross “How many deadlifts should I do for cross?
Adam “To get faster on your bike, ride your bike more”
Bambi Cyclocross “How many yoga sessions should I do for cross?
Adam “To get faster on your bike, ride your bike more”
Billy-Ray Cyclocross “How much faster will PX90 make me for cross?”
Adam “To get faster on your bike, ride your bike more” and this went on for half an hour…

First, Let’s do some math. 6-8 laps per race. Run-up/barriers, about 20 - 40yds. That’s 120 - 480 yards of running. Not miles. From my observation (and own folly) it is less of a Stephen Kiprotich issue and more of a Lolo Jones issue. As we must look good clearing barriers.

Meatballs, ahh the 70s.
We don’t wanna be Spaz, and look good, so I guess we still have to practice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gear Re-vu: Shimano's DIWhy

A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered in secret sauce, Shimano latest effort was to be unveiled at Interbike 2012. Some people think they have connections, like those publishing reviews in archaic printed format. But we are scooping it for you, our loyal SpaCx readers, first. How? Well, it's kinda like we say at the alley next to the loading dock, "I gotta guy..."

Imagine, if you will, your happy place
where the meadow is not on fire...
...that special sub-neural scenic overlook in your mind's-eye that allows you to make it through just one more day. One more day of having to deal with a MANUAL single speed system. Until now. Now, that southoftheborderofthemind can be reality as SpaCx got their grubby little mitts on the new Shimano DI2 single speed gruppo.

Pedro sez: "the fewer men, the greater share of honor"
In that dork-royale race category that lives the Henry V credo on a weekly basis, these self-proclaimed hardcore cycling aesthetes now have Shimano's Jobs-ian option to push the limits of minimalism and technology. 

We found the installation and set-up time of this group to be as fast if not faster than other non-integrated single speed groups. The gear indexing was right on, battery life was phenomenal and it appears to be the lightest of all of the Di2 systems.  The beautiful brake levers were reminiscent of races past, clean, thin, unobstructed. Kinda like fashion modeling before silicone, collagen and bee stings. Overall, the drive-train appeared to be exceedingly efficient, no excess, or as Robby Naish coined: HiHo- hook-in and hold-on.

I know, I know, classic bend (wanna send me some?)
Short of a drive shaft, where does one go from here? Well, next we will be reviewing Spacely Sprockets and comparing the coefficient of static friction to that of Cogswell Cogs. Stay tuned... rut-ro