Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do not save the date

Sunday, October 23rd 2011

Many events or organizations might send a reminder to 'save the date.'

Not us at SpaCx. We feel that 'saving the date' is like finding that nasty, sticky dime under the washer at the local laundromat and dropping it in a glass coin jar in the hope that one day the findings will add up to a Speedvagen. No.

We are commanding anyone who likes bicycles and/or their country to patiently, lovingly, stalk the date, and to sneak up behind the unsuspecting point in our celestial orbit in a quiet parking lot. Take it down with Chloroform and duct tape, throw it in the back of your custom van, then hold the date a deep pit in your basement and demand some serious ransom. Like a Speedvagen.

Or, in less creepy words, there shall be no indication of 'tentative' on your Outlook calendar for this event. Be there at any cost.