Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for making yesterday an absolute success!

Results are posted on Bikereg.

Stay tuned as Dave Kraus and Barry Koblenz, professional photographers, were on hand and I will be posting their portfolios soon.

Barry's portfolio now posted


j benn said...

Bumbed that I wasn't scored. Raced in the Ct 4 Race. I know I wasn't last- and pulled off when the finish line crew said you're done.

J Benn

mildstallion said...

As a spectator, this year's course was even better. The racing was great and so was the fan experience.

Great job!

Christopher Hamlin said...

Hi John,
Here is the link to my website's home page with the helmet cam footage. I put this race under collegiate cycling for now, I might change that later. I only have the 1st part of five up so far. It takes 8.5 hrs to upload each.

Thanks for the great race, it was a ton of fun. Thanks for the wheels too.

Hope to see you next year,

Andrew J. Bernstein said...

"J benn,"

Send me an email at bernstein DOT andrew AT with your name and number.

With the short course and big fields the officials had a hard time keeping track of everybody and there were a few protests that we're trying to clear up before submitting results to USAC.

Thanks for coming out and we hope to see you next year!

Doug said...

Great race! Looking forward to coming back with a team next year (and doing a little better would be nice too; gotta work on my sand skills).

Did anyone catch the name of the custom builder (other than Serotta) in the expo tents? There were a couple nice blue frames with orange panels, road and cross bikes, a white 29er, etc. Forgot to write it down before I left, doh.

Doug said...

Found my answer: it was Kelly Bedford Customs of Saratoga.