Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Run What You Brung

Got us a dirt track date, Demolition derby, figure 8,
Eatin' dinner off a paper plate, Eliminations start at eight.
Get your hair piled on up high, I want you darlin' by my side
Dirt track oval, son of a gun, Take what you win, run what you brung.
With every turn we'll tempt our fate, We got a Dirt Track Date.
Southern Culture On The Skids

Many thanks to SCOTS who have provided us with a vivid tableau of the Oct 24 event. Still, people stop me on the street asking about this 'Run What You  Brung'  What's up with that?

The Concept:
Too often I hear, yeah, it looks fun but I don't have the right bike, I'm not in shape, I'm only good at sniffing glue, blah, blah blah.
So we created an event that would eliminate every last excuse.'Shut up and ride'
  1. NOON - who can't get up by noon
  2. FREE - no money required
  3. ANY bike - everyone has something hanging up in the garage. Steal your child's HelloKitty bike.
  4. ONE lap - that's like ten minutes and everyone can experience the euphoria of bike racing
  5. RACERS will be disqualified, skinsuits, carbon bits, etc
  6. RAFFLE prizes - winners picked from all who complete the lap. It could be big...
  7. WARDROBE MALFUNCTION - great chance to test run your Halloween costume 
  8. MONDAY your coworkers will not believe you. Won't that be cool.
Mark your calendar.


studioe said...

great song - are bouffants allowed?

John O said...

In lieu of helmet? Yes.

Kathleen Lisson said...

This was awesome.

-Catholic Schoolgirl