Wednesday, September 8, 2010

O frabjous day: Powers Cross


Yes, yes we did. We got Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld's Jeremy 'J-Pow' Powers and CycleSmart's Alec Donahue, to ride with us. Really, I know we've made some claims in the past but this just happened and the irony of the day did not escape me...hey, I'm decent at Photoshop, but not that good.

I know what you're thinking, "Please post the 'Smoking Gun' YouTube video that you have on these guys that forced them into submission!" Pernicious nonsense, no such incriminating evidence exists, so stay out of my garbage, don't hack into my WiFi. What's the point, why the celebs? Now that we have the best venue, we need the best course. So we asked (or begged, pleaded, groveled, and ultimately bribed) our guests to conceive the Ultimate CX Racecourse (cue thunder & lighting effects and/or maniacal evil laugh) in the universe, or upstate NY.

So there I was, desperately trying not to squeal like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert, riding behind J-Pow. He sported a broken finger from the GMSR race, jeans, some pimp Gucci  belt buckle and SRAM Red cap. None of which seemed to affect his ability to drop us while brainstorming the course layout. Jeremy was also well versed in bike-horse interactions which initially terrified me as he rode straight at a thoroughbred probably worth more than my house.

Result- we have a draft concept for the course, lots of real estate, the lap times can be a solid 8 minutes of righteous racing. Hint, do you like the beach?

SpaCx is truly grateful for the generosity of these guys to come out and share their experiences of racecourses across the country and world. Did I mention, Cannondale, CyclocrossWorld, CycleSmart? Jelly Belly anyone?

How was your Tuesday afternoon? Fill out any TPS reports?

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