Monday, October 19, 2009

Something for the Ladies

Little known fact, Lance and Oprah hooked up after CrossVegas, Armstrong complained of the ennui dating malnourished twins and was looking for an emotionally developed older woman.

Now, we all know that Cycling is not just a 'guys' sport, like football, and some might even contend that cycling apparel is better suited for women than men. SpaCx wanted to extend a special invitation to all the women athletes out there to join in this entertaining sport. BikeReg is currently listing a host of manly men, many of which are most likely single, especially given the amount of time required to be competitive. Sign up today!


Andrew J. Bernstein said...

I think I saw that one woman was signed up, so that's good -- hopefully she'll have some competition out there!

Ladies, would it help if I offered myself as a prize to the winner?

John O said...

You heard it here first Ladies!

We got ourselves one piece of man candy - flavor - Andrew B. Up for the win.

Of course, SpaCx cannot guarantee any outcome of the date, if he will actually pay for dinner or any additional terms of a relationship should the two parties be mutually compatible.

Maybe its like winning the SSWC and the tattoo...nah, go for it!

Andrew J. Bernstein said...

John, I'll totally pick up dinner if I can charge it to the race. We'll put it in the "food for volunteers" line on the budget. Sound good? Excellent.

John O said...

This just in: no fewer than three women were spotted this evening, previewing and practicing the course. I think some cat-fighting was spotted as well, the stakes are high for Sunday's race!