Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shame Spirals

Many avid readers are questioning the course feature indicated as the Stuart Smalley Shame Spiral. Yup, I know I'm dating myself by referencing 80's SNL, but what is a 'shame spiral' that so often afflicted the Senator from the Great White Northern state of Minnesota. We turn to the most reliable source for accurate information, Urban Dictionary, to help us out:


1) An emotional condition commonly experienced during the recovery period following extreme intoxication. The shame spiral consists of continued, connected thoughts and emotions of lack of self-worth, shame, regret, embarrassment and commitments to refuse to intoxicate oneself ever again.

2) A period of time in which one becomes so incredibly and undeniably intoxicated that they are brought to public shame by their ridiculous actions. A shame spiral is only a true shame spiral if all 3 conditions are met:
  • Intoxication
  • Nudity
  • Crying
Shame spirals also often include pain, drama, screaming, dancing on furniture, promiscuity, loss of valuables, and damage to one's reputation. Let it be known that bad shame spirals often happen to good people. They can last anywhere from one night to several years. Symbolized by a swirly thingy and a sad face.

We feel that the CX course we have created will be able to induce all of the aforementioned conditions. Enjoy.

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