Monday, October 26, 2009

Poetry in Motion

Trail? What trail?

David Carmona takes advantage of his holeshot.

Don Rice sporting the spoils of his folly.

Keith Wentworth showing how it's done.

Chuck Quackenbush does the sand shuffle.

I am trying not to get my shoes dirty.

Keith gets his ya ya's out.

A very proud messenger bike owner.

Farm Team remount (not sure how that all worked out)

Even the pros were shown no mercy by the course, sorry Spooky.

Ahh, so much to tell of yesterday's historic event. It was amazing. Many thanks go to my spouse for taking 1500 (no typo) photographs for me to sort and post for everyone's viewing and downloading pleasure. In the interim, I'd like to share a few of the more graceful moments captured in pixels.


madeleine said...

Thanks for putting on an amazing race! It was more fun to watch then race but seconds after finishing I was ready for the next one. How quickly pain is forgotten!

mildstallion said...

This is the first 'Cross race I have ever attended and my wife and I had a blast. I really hope this becomes an annual event.

The course was made even better by Saturday's rain. The racers gave their all and it showed.