Friday, October 16, 2009


Hi, I'm a member of the coalition to place an additional 'L' in the word Pavilion so I can spell it correctly. Since it's pronounced in these parts Pah-vill-yun, we need the additional consonant. (BTW - photoshop needs a spell check)

Anyway we're gonna have a great set-up at the Columbia complete with roaring fire. You should come to the race just to experience the newly renovated hyper-clean bathrooms (no Porta-Potties!), way better than any other CX race around. We'll have food, expo display, and assorted miscreants. Picnic tables abound as we have yet to make them a feature in the course. Note the conveniently located sand pit, it may not look intimidating right now, but wait until the roto-tiller gets done with it.

'Pavillion' noted as an acceptable alternate spelling would also work for me.

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