Sunday, October 18, 2009

Original Mudder

After he breezed a few laps around the park, SpaCx caught up with legendary Jockey turned masters cx pro, Pat Day, to find out how his transition from horse racing to cycling has been going.

SpaCx So Pat, What made you want to ride Cx?

Day Well, I’m just plain tired of the comments about jockey just being along for the ride. I need to prove that we are talented athlete in our own right, not just the horses.

SpaCx True, it may appear that jockeys are just good with a whip.

Day Crop.

SpaCx What?

Day It’s called a crop.

SpaCx Ok crop, kinky. So do any stables ever make their rider wear black leather?

Day No.

SpaCx Yeah, ditch the leather; might freak the horses out a bit- get ‘em in a lather. But moving on the real question then, what’s your preference- silk or spandex?

Day Silk, no question.

SpaCx Excellent. Last quick one; you have mounted multi-million dollar horses like Easy Goer, what bikes have you ridden that give you that same feeling of perfection?

Day None, because I have to pedal.

There you have it- straight from the horse’s mouth, many thanks to Mr. Day for his time and good luck at his upcoming USGP races in Kentucky.

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