Wednesday, October 21, 2009

History Lesson

This just in from the elders who hung on to enough brain cells and survived the 70s:

When most were cruisin’ in their Gremlin and wearing tube socks, the Saratoga Velo Club held cyclocross races for several years at the old ski hill at the Skidmore College. (Wow, that’s awesome, and I thought the ski hill was for Matt’s beer balls and ‘borrowed’ trays from the cafeteria for winter fun.)

The Skidmore races were the scene of a couple of epic duels between Saratoga native Kevin Smith and national team member Tom Officer, who still competes in area masters road races.

In later years local rider Keith Honda, a former motorcycle trials rider, fought it out with a kid from Massachusetts who showed some talent - Paul Curley, now a multiple national champion.

One year Paul brought a couple of young brothers along to watch - they would have been cub juniors if we had a race for them back then. Name of McCormack - they went on to have fairly successful careers, too.

So there you have it, Legacy. Yup, our initial press release might need revision, but man, what street cred.

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