Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bring it.

Many thanks to our park surveillance team who took this photo of a certain Cannondale-Cyclocross world supa-sta, J-Pow, checking out the course layout. Apparently Mr. Powers is waffling between the USGP Derby City Cup and Spa Cx. While the lure of large amounts of cash and decent fried chicken is tempting, he admits, the fact that his car might actually make the drive to the Spa city and he can win a case of beer and hang with the NYCross guys seems wicked cool. No formal commitment has been made but we will just wait and see if he signs up on Bikereg. A side note: The organizational committee has agreed to waive his second race entry fee if he shows up.

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Kevin B said...

FYI, the link from bikereg is broken, there are one too many http's