Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The cheese stands alone

The Winner is presented with the booty...

Later, the Elite Women's podium compares goodies but one prize is left...

So the winners picked up their cash, hefted the beer, grabbed the socks, miscellaneous parts and other tchotchke, but one major prize was left unclaimed. Andrew Bernstein was left, alone. Syracuse's Sarah drove west Sunday afternoon with her cash and Elite Men's winners Wayne but without the day's big payout, AB.

The Cat 4 winner, Jessica, was not available for comment. Is she interested?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Poetry in Motion

Trail? What trail?

David Carmona takes advantage of his holeshot.

Don Rice sporting the spoils of his folly.

Keith Wentworth showing how it's done.

Chuck Quackenbush does the sand shuffle.

I am trying not to get my shoes dirty.

Keith gets his ya ya's out.

A very proud messenger bike owner.

Farm Team remount (not sure how that all worked out)

Even the pros were shown no mercy by the course, sorry Spooky.

Ahh, so much to tell of yesterday's historic event. It was amazing. Many thanks go to my spouse for taking 1500 (no typo) photographs for me to sort and post for everyone's viewing and downloading pleasure. In the interim, I'd like to share a few of the more graceful moments captured in pixels.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Art Imitates Life

Alas gentle readers, the race is nearly upon us. Of course, SpaCx will have extensive race coverage and post race interviews but until then I leave everyone with a couple images from Art History to contemplate.

Smithson, Spiral Jetty

Munch, The Scream

Thanks for watching, good luck to everyone on Sunday. (As long as you're behind me.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kids Race!

Does your significant other shudder when you have sole responsibility for the children for an afternoon? Do you get calls on the hour, just to 'check in' and speak to the kids? Have we got an event for you...

Yes, we are going to hold a 10 and under kids race around noon. 100m course to be determined but will include a couple of the following features:
  • ring of fire
  • grass fields
  • pavement
  • class V rapids
  • 40' gap jump
  • pit of puppies and kittens
Reminder- no aero bars, no sleeveless jerseys (even if they have spongebob printed on them), and in our opinion, leave the deep-dish carbon hoops at home.

History Lesson

This just in from the elders who hung on to enough brain cells and survived the 70s:

When most were cruisin’ in their Gremlin and wearing tube socks, the Saratoga Velo Club held cyclocross races for several years at the old ski hill at the Skidmore College. (Wow, that’s awesome, and I thought the ski hill was for Matt’s beer balls and ‘borrowed’ trays from the cafeteria for winter fun.)

The Skidmore races were the scene of a couple of epic duels between Saratoga native Kevin Smith and national team member Tom Officer, who still competes in area masters road races.

In later years local rider Keith Honda, a former motorcycle trials rider, fought it out with a kid from Massachusetts who showed some talent - Paul Curley, now a multiple national champion.

One year Paul brought a couple of young brothers along to watch - they would have been cub juniors if we had a race for them back then. Name of McCormack - they went on to have fairly successful careers, too.

So there you have it, Legacy. Yup, our initial press release might need revision, but man, what street cred.

Race Ready

CBRC foils up before the Johnny Cake Series
(L to R - Schillinger, Goodwin, Leone)

Now, SpaCx is hearing a lot of trash talk out on the street. I won't go so far as to say a bounty has been placed on any Celtic rider's head, but I do know that a few teams are really prepping for the race.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday night lights

This was the scene at the pump house loop this evening when one rider apparently 'bumped' another into the creek. Much cursing, scratching and clawing ensued. SpaCx can only conclude that two of the alpha-females were starting the bar-bangin' a few days early in anticipation of the grand prize. We are completely stunned to see this level of fervor, but then again, AB is quite a catch. Register now...

Event Map

Finally. Here is some useful information. A map of the park showing the pavilions, along with alternate parking locations. The red arrow is the south picnic entrance from Route 9.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Something for the Ladies

Little known fact, Lance and Oprah hooked up after CrossVegas, Armstrong complained of the ennui dating malnourished twins and was looking for an emotionally developed older woman.

Now, we all know that Cycling is not just a 'guys' sport, like football, and some might even contend that cycling apparel is better suited for women than men. SpaCx wanted to extend a special invitation to all the women athletes out there to join in this entertaining sport. BikeReg is currently listing a host of manly men, many of which are most likely single, especially given the amount of time required to be competitive. Sign up today!

Trail of Tears - Video #3


Another classic crux section - the Trail of Tears. A run-up, some more up and the promenade through the woods as you recover before the next lap. Music - Black Keys, 10am Automatic

Note- There appears to be rumor and speculation in the cyclocross world regarding the SpaCx and the course. Although numerous people have ridden laps, there are still those who have not spent time on course yet choose to comment on it. While the course does not meet UCI requirements, I have yet to race this year on a course that does.

All are invited to come to the park Wednesday at 5pm to help with final prep work and pre-ride. Decide for yourself.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Original Mudder

After he breezed a few laps around the park, SpaCx caught up with legendary Jockey turned masters cx pro, Pat Day, to find out how his transition from horse racing to cycling has been going.

SpaCx So Pat, What made you want to ride Cx?

Day Well, I’m just plain tired of the comments about jockey just being along for the ride. I need to prove that we are talented athlete in our own right, not just the horses.

SpaCx True, it may appear that jockeys are just good with a whip.

Day Crop.

SpaCx What?

Day It’s called a crop.

SpaCx Ok crop, kinky. So do any stables ever make their rider wear black leather?

Day No.

SpaCx Yeah, ditch the leather; might freak the horses out a bit- get ‘em in a lather. But moving on the real question then, what’s your preference- silk or spandex?

Day Silk, no question.

SpaCx Excellent. Last quick one; you have mounted multi-million dollar horses like Easy Goer, what bikes have you ridden that give you that same feeling of perfection?

Day None, because I have to pedal.

There you have it- straight from the horse’s mouth, many thanks to Mr. Day for his time and good luck at his upcoming USGP races in Kentucky.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

As seen on the course

We had a great Thursday night practice, I'd like to thank all the guys for coming out and giving the course a proper run through.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Grassy Knoll - Video #2


So the title is possibly the most overused and we couldn't come up with a better one. You wanna fight about it? Conspiracy theories aside, we wanted to give a preview of the custom mowed lane for the race because its really cool and the park was very accommodating. SpaCx has given many tours to date and the general response that it is a great, tough course. Audio track: Mudhoney, Touch me I'm Sick.

Has it been mentioned that you can register now!?


Hi, I'm a member of the coalition to place an additional 'L' in the word Pavilion so I can spell it correctly. Since it's pronounced in these parts Pah-vill-yun, we need the additional consonant. (BTW - photoshop needs a spell check)

Anyway we're gonna have a great set-up at the Columbia complete with roaring fire. You should come to the race just to experience the newly renovated hyper-clean bathrooms (no Porta-Potties!), way better than any other CX race around. We'll have food, expo display, and assorted miscreants. Picnic tables abound as we have yet to make them a feature in the course. Note the conveniently located sand pit, it may not look intimidating right now, but wait until the roto-tiller gets done with it.

'Pavillion' noted as an acceptable alternate spelling would also work for me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Start - Video #1


Okay, so my steady-cam was confiscated and Joel and Ethan Coen have not returned my calls, regardless, I am posting my first video. Here's the starting sequence, sans tape, with a quick pavement start and crowd-friendly drop into sweeping turns. Stay tuned for more...

Trying to avoid the $50,000 lawsuit, we did not rip an audio track for the video. Please put on your iPod , dial to Dead Boys, Sonic Reducer, and press play.


Embrocation Cycling Journal, the coolest cycling periodical available without prescription, will be on sale at SpaCx! It's certainly not a magazine, it's a cultural experience. And the team riders are super fast too. Follow the link and check out the latest on their site.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Check it - totally pimp prize gear.

Straight from a Skidmore kid's trunk, are you kidding? Its gotta be good. (There are probably a few unopened boxes of 2008 SRAM red groups that are just too last year. I can't be sure though... )


Can't win if you don't play. Sign up now!

The countdown continues.

Thursday Pre-Ride Oct 15

(Start around 1:48, not suitable for office)

Thursday night, pre-ride the course with its designer to gain special insight into the layout, places to gain valuable seconds and where on the course its just gonna hurt. If everything moves according to plan, the Park will have mowed the course on the grassy knoll.

Meeting time: 5:30pm at the Columbia Pavilion. I should be there by 5pm if people want to ride earlier. Please note, do NOT park at the Pavilion, park outside the gates and ride in. Will make everyone all happy-happy-joy-joy.

Note: I will be riding tonight (Wednesday) as well, cuz I'm gonna have this course dialed.

Monday, October 12, 2009

UCI Denies SpaCx

Saratoga Springs, NY

The Union Cycliste Internationale denied SpaCx their application to be included in the 'Coupe du Monde' for the 2009-2010 season. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of area racing events, i.e. Battenkill, NYcross, we conclude that the committee decided not to consider our event for fear of a racing paradigm shift in which the entire UCI calendar would be held in Upstate New York within four years. And Dieter is UCI president.

Now the good news - we did secure our USA Cycling permit.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shame Spirals

Many avid readers are questioning the course feature indicated as the Stuart Smalley Shame Spiral. Yup, I know I'm dating myself by referencing 80's SNL, but what is a 'shame spiral' that so often afflicted the Senator from the Great White Northern state of Minnesota. We turn to the most reliable source for accurate information, Urban Dictionary, to help us out:


1) An emotional condition commonly experienced during the recovery period following extreme intoxication. The shame spiral consists of continued, connected thoughts and emotions of lack of self-worth, shame, regret, embarrassment and commitments to refuse to intoxicate oneself ever again.

2) A period of time in which one becomes so incredibly and undeniably intoxicated that they are brought to public shame by their ridiculous actions. A shame spiral is only a true shame spiral if all 3 conditions are met:
  • Intoxication
  • Nudity
  • Crying
Shame spirals also often include pain, drama, screaming, dancing on furniture, promiscuity, loss of valuables, and damage to one's reputation. Let it be known that bad shame spirals often happen to good people. They can last anywhere from one night to several years. Symbolized by a swirly thingy and a sad face.

We feel that the CX course we have created will be able to induce all of the aforementioned conditions. Enjoy.

Happy Chain

Spa Cx welcomes our next sponsor and vendor for expo '09, Happy Chain! HappyChainTM chain lube is a water releasable oil based lubricant that will stay on and provide high pressure lubrication under many conditions until washed off with water. We are squirting Happy Chain on a lot of our bikes this CX season, check it out.

Precaution: Do not eat or take internally. Do not taunt Happy Chain.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bring it.

Many thanks to our park surveillance team who took this photo of a certain Cannondale-Cyclocross world supa-sta, J-Pow, checking out the course layout. Apparently Mr. Powers is waffling between the USGP Derby City Cup and Spa Cx. While the lure of large amounts of cash and decent fried chicken is tempting, he admits, the fact that his car might actually make the drive to the Spa city and he can win a case of beer and hang with the NYCross guys seems wicked cool. No formal commitment has been made but we will just wait and see if he signs up on Bikereg. A side note: The organizational committee has agreed to waive his second race entry fee if he shows up.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Vlad beware

Delivered to my house yesterday, these are some serious stakes. I believe that we're all set when it comes to any vampires trying work their way onto the course. (Although we are racing during the day.) Perhaps then it will aid in keeping assorted other undead, not susceptible to ultraviolet rays, down under in the case we have chosen an ancient burial ground as our run-up.